Premenenie Pána

Chorál in memoriam Ivan Parík ... a Premenenie Pána ... or the children´s questions  to the 17th chapter of Matthew's Gospel ... for violoncello and keyboard or button instrument using the text  "Mlčať čajom" by Matúš Bartko – it is the original title of the composition that is signed by name Urban Hudák.
 I perceive the experimental level of composition mentally as an attempt to abrasion of fundamentalist attitudes simultaneously in three existing paradigms:
   -  In the spiritual level, by attempts for Catholic Midrash. (By impossibility of correct answers we open  a child´s door to the secret chamber, "What are Peter´s tents for?" Is Yeshua taller than Moses and Elijah? '"Is James  Zebedee or the Righteous"); heretical questions ...
  - In the interpretative level, by the definition of genre boundless; interpretation can converge from a conventional interplay to a different level of independence. From more interpretative options there was performed  a melodramatic and academically- concertant one.
  - In the author's level, by  confusing the author's name for the open project of a group.
The composition was written in April 2012 on the base of separate calls for a composition from the outstanding performers, Mr. Peter Katina and Andrej Gál. I worked with notion of setting to music a poem by my friend, a great Slovak poet, Matúš Bartko. This poetry creates a counterpoint to the questions towards the meaning of the passage from the Gospel.