Science is wonder-ful!

Final Video of the Science is wonder-ful! event: 10th Anniversary of the European Researchers’ Night

What will be the role… Boris Vaitovič is a multimedia artist, teacher and musician. Even though he originally wanted to focus on painting alone, he ended up venturing into the world of media and digital art. He regularly cooperates with scientists and other professionals and has recently done a residency at the University Hospital, where he worked directly with […]

Zsolt Lukács / MET-AI-MORPHOSIS Curatorial reflection on the Zsolt Lukács exhibition / Boris Vaitovič 2023 “In the beginning was the Word,…” this is how this story of instructions and commands begins, which in turn visualize almost anything the mind can desire. Without paint, without a brush, with mathematical precision, artificial intelligence showers us with images that are sometimes […]


curatorial text by Boris Vaitovic Peter Župník / IN FRONT OF THE EYES I told myself that all’s well that ends well, so I’d rather start off cheerfully. 1.8 x1012 or 1.8 trillion, is the expected number of photographs that will be created on our planet by the end of 2023. It is a number […]