Lecture on science cafe

About science that changed culture.

Venue: Tabačka, small cinema hall, Košice
Lecturer: doc. PaedDr. Mgr. art. Boris Vaitovič, ArtD., Head of the Department of Fine Arts and Intermedia, Faculty of Arts, Technical University in Košice
Date of event: June 28, 2023

Selected chapters from the history of science and culture reveal the hidden stories and friendships of genius personalities. Interference between science and culture as a historically natural process, which today turns into a single whole. Lots of examples of incredible multimedia projects where the future turns into the present. Searching for new communication levels that turn exact information into a personal experience. Art and science are two phenomena that are very close to each other and overlap in many ways (just think of Albert Einstein with a violin). Both art and science are about creativity, freedom of thought, breaking boundaries, trying to explain the unknown. There are many examples in history of how science influenced art, and vice versa, how art inspired science. Our invitation to the science cafe was accepted by a person who knows a lot about the relationship between art and science, not only academically, but also from his own experience, doc. PaedDr. Mgr. art. Boris Vaitovič, ArtD., who, among other things, is the head of the Department of Fine Arts and Intermedia of the Faculty of Arts of the Technical University in Košice.